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Whenever you purchase the Juvenate brand of organic health supplements, you will always receive the finest quality that money can buy. It’s a promise . . .

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Inspired by and created for a healthier, and more fulfilled lifestyle.


Detox – Juvenate Detox is a dietary supplement formulated to support healthy and regular bowel movement. It eliminates ill build up in the gut, toxins, dirty gas and waste from the body. It also supports treatment of chronic constipation, gall bladder problems, gut distension, bloating and many more . . .

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GI Mover
GI Mover

GI Mover – Gastro Intestinal Mover is a miraculous herbal mixture that is enriched with 20 exotic and highly potent herbal ingredients that is excellent in the treatment of peptic ulcers, gastritis, malaria, typhoid fever, intestinal infections and many more . . .

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Blood Purifier
Blood Purifier

Blood Purifier – Juvenate Blood Purifier is an advanced blood building and cleansing product. It enables the body to manufacture red and white blood cells used for defense. It is a powerful dietary supplement formulated to nourish the entire human body.

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Innovation Meets Tradition

Herbal formulation is the art and science of combining traditional herbs with science-backed formulas to create safe, effective, well-balanced and highly curative health solutions.

Our Herbal Supplements have it all; the chemistry, the scientific, the clinical, the traditional knowledge and the right ingredients sourced with love and care from the interiors of the jungle and deep blue seas across Africa and Asia.

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Why choose us?

service oriented

Service Oriented

Our experience, positive attitude and eager-to-help approach sets us apart from the competition.



We adhere to industry standards and will always put the needs of our customers first.



Our word is not just our bond, it is ingrained in the hearts of every staff of JWI



We strive to produce the highest quality health products in each category we enter without any compromise.


Asides providing affordable health solutions to the world, helping those in need is what we live for. That’s why we have created the Juvenate Foundation, a global initiative focused on providing food, aid, medical supplies and free education to communities across the continent of Africa. Working alongside dedicated and knowledgeable individuals, philanthropists, and non-profit partners operating around the globe, we can make an impact.

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Juvenate Wellness International is Africa’s foremost health, wellness, nutrition and body care brand.

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To be Africa's foremost health, nutrition, wellness and body care brand.
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